Welcome 2015

Happy New Year everyone!  It's been quite a year 2014 has been to us, but we're excited and looking forward to what 2015 brings for us.

As I look back there has been quite a number of milestones and number of significant events that we celebrated.  2014 was the first new year that Josh officially ringed in (even if none of us stayed up for the countdown).  It was also when we celebrated his first birthday and his first few unaided steps around the house.  On top of it all, we even managed to travel together overseas as a family for the first time to Indonesia where Josh finally got to meet his distant relatives and great grandma.  It was also there in Lombok, Indonesia where he set foot on the beach for the very first time.

There has been many first and as fast as Josh is growing up, there are still plenty of milestones left for him to reach.  I look forward to each one, but I hope talking is the next one, so he can better communicate his needs to us rather than crying when we don't meet his demands.

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