Trip to Indonesia - Part 5

We are back in Jakarta after our little getaway. There is only one week left before we fly back to Canada. This whole week was filled with many family visits, many mall visits, and of course Aswin's and Vitri's big day.

Aswin's  and Vitri's Wedding

On August 24, we woke up early to get ready for the big day. Early in the morning, all the ladies in the family and I got our hair and make up done by professionals. After my beautifying session, both Josh and Rudy did not recognise me! After we were all dressed up and ready, we went to the wedding ceremony at church. It was a beautiful ceremony with wonderful choir, and Rudy and I got the honour of bringing gifts for the offerings. After the church ceremony, we went straight to the hotel where the wedding party is located. We relaxed and freshened up at a hotel room; then we went to the tea ceremony, where Aswin and Vitri served tea to their families. After the tea ceremony, the wedding party begin with the grand entrance of the couple, cake cutting, lots and lots of food and picture taking. It was a wonderful wedding, and it was also great to see many of Rudy's side of the family. After the wedding, we spent the night at the hotel and eat lots of the freshly made kue serabi at the breakfast buffet. When we get home, we rested, played lots of cards, and went to a theatre to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy".


On August 26, we flew over to Solo to see Mak Hutan (Rudy's Grandma's Sister). First thing that we did when we arrived to Solo was eat Malioboro chicken, which is crispy fried chicken with kremes (crispy crumbs awesomeness). Then we went to see Mak Hutan, spent time with her, and perceive just how wonderful of a person she is. After the visit, we went to several shops and eat again and came back to Jakarta.

Eat and eat and eat

The next day, we went to Kelapa Gading Mall with Ines and Charlie to meet up with Oma Co, Tante Lenny, Ka Ekel, Ci Jane, Mama Santi, Tante Nana, Tante Omi, Yogi and Yoan. We met up at Eat and Eat, which is a food court full of authentic Indonesian food. Rudy could not contain himself to try all the good food that they offer. We ate some Siomay Bandung, Soto Ayam, Es campur, Es pisang Ijo, Jus Alpukat, Es Durian. After we ate, we walked around the mall for a bit, then head out to dinner with Rudy's family. We were invited for hot pot with Ci Sioe, Ci Ing, Koh Mung, and Koh Tegliang at Grandma's Suki restaurant. It was an enjoyable evening with great food and great company.

Last Stretch

The last two days of our trip was spent going to malls. We went skating inside Taman Anggrek mall, did last minute shoppings, and had our last dinner at the food court. We also went to play badminton, ate sate ayam, bakmi GM, and ayam suharti, and of course had plenty of bubble teas and thai teas. Then it was time to fly back to Canada, which I thought was a lot better, since we got more leg rooms all the way to Chicago. Though with only 1 hour layover in Tokyo, we almost missed the plane. But, I thought everything went smoothly and I miss Indo already.

Overall, it was an awesome trip and we can't wait to go there again =)


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