Trip to Indonesia - Part 4

Lombok/Bali Day 1

The next morning, we packed up early to prepare our departure to Bali.  I was still unwell and spent most of the morning in the bathroom after finished packing up.  We checked-out not long after and began our hour and half trek back to the airport.  During our trek, we found out from our driver that our flight to Bali would only take 15-20 mins.  This was a surprise to me as I didn't realized how close Bali was to Lombok, in fact our drive to the airport took longer than our flight to Bali!

After the short flight, we arrived in Bali and was greeted by the driver that my aunt had hired for us.  Unlike the driver we got in Lombok, he came with a vehicle the size of a mini van (Toyota Innova) instead of the mini bus we received in Lombok.  It was a challenge to try and fit 8 people with 4 luggages and a stroller into the car but we managed to do it through creative seating positions (sitting on each other's laps =P).

In Bali, we had at least 5 hours to kill before our check-in time at our hotel, so we decided to visit a popular spot called Potato Head Beach Club.  The club featured a large swimming pool area by the beach and surrounded by restaurants and bars.  While the facility was free to use, you had to pay for dry towels as well as food and drinks.  Furthermore, the food and beverage prices were expensive which I learnt the hard way.  After ordering only 2 glasses of orange juice I was very surprised to see the bill add up to the equivalent of $8 CAD (orange juice wasn't listed in the drink menu).  Needless to say, that was my last order from the club.

Elen, Josh, Mike and ChoJas all had a fun time swimming in the pool and walking alongside of the beach while my sister and I were on the sidelines capturing the moments with our cameras.  We stayed there for approx. 2 hours before deciding to leave for lunch.  After lunch, we headed towards the hotel which took another 45 mins from the restaurant.  Onced arrived at the hotel, Josh and I spent the remaining day sleeping in the hotel room. Because Josh and I slept so much, Elen was worried that she came all the way to Bali to play on her iPad in a hotel room, instead of enjoying the pool or beach outside.

Bali Day 2 (Elen's blog)

The next morning,  we woke up early to try to see the sunrise, but after we got ready, we looked out the window only to find that the sun is out. So, we ended up exploring the hotel grounds to take a look at all the amenities that were available to us. We then ate breakfast buffet at the hotel, which was awesome. Then we went to the hotel's beach located along the Nusa Dua shore. It was low tide at that time, there was no wave, the water was clear blue and the view was amazing. All three of us swam, played and had our lunch at the beach. The rest of the day was filled with plenty of rest and relaxation at the hotel.  

Bali Day 3

The next day is Rudy's birthday! We woke up early (4am) to catch the sunrise at the beach.  We were running to the beach, which was 10 mins away, thinking that we were going to be late again. But thank God we arrived at the beach on time, and the sunrise was a spectacle . Walking back to the hotel, we walked through Ayodya Resort (instead of a common walkway). When we got to the hotel, we cleaned up and met up with the Ho family for breakfast.  We swam at the pool, ate out for lunch, and went to Pandawa beach. This beach has beautiful landscape and several ancient religious statues, but the sand was coarse, with many seaweeds in the water. Next, we head out to Jimbaran to have Rudy's birthday dinner. The dinner was right on the sandy beach, while we gaze at the sunset. Too bad it was a cloudy day that we weren't able to see the sun go down. The food was also too expensive, which was another downfall. But the experience is extraordinary. =)

Bali Day 4

It is the last day in Bali, and we woke up early again to see the sunrise. This time we invited the Ho family to come see the sunrise with us. Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy that morning. We headed back to the hotel to eat breakfast, then went to Tanjung Benoa to do some water sports. Rudy, Mike and Cho did one round of parasailing, which they all enjoyed very much. Afterwards, we head back to the hotel, took one last dip into the pool, and checked out of the hotel. Before we go to the airport, we ate some pork ribs for lunch, went souvenir shopping, and went to a mall near the airport. Then, unwillingly, we had to say goodbye to Bali.  It was an awesome experience, indeed, and we can't wait to go back!


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