Trip to Indonesia - Part 3

Lombok Day 1

The following morning we had to leave early to catch our morning flight to Lombok.  Unfortunately my illness didn't subside, I felt more nauseas than ever before and I felt lethargic throughout the day.  I was slow to walk and had very little energy to do anything at all and I still didn't have an appetite for any kind of food.

The flight to Lombok was relatively short (approx. 2 hrs), but the commute to the hotel took another 1.5 hr from the airport which made the entire trip feel long.

We were greeted with moist towels and cold drinks upon arriving at our hotel, Quncivillas.  Upon first impression, the hotel was definitely unlike I've ever experienced before.  Instead of the traditional rooms within high-rise buildings, the entire resort composed of villas...hence the name Quncivillas.  Each villa had a walkout patio and big glass sliding door that can let in a lot of natural light and breeze when left wide open.  The bathroom is also worth mentioning as the shower isn't fully enclosed (missing a roof).  With the roof missing, at night I was able to literally shower under the star-lit night which was an experience onto its own.

We arrived at our hotel just after lunch time, seeing that there isn't enough time to plan for an outing we decided to relax at the resort for the rest of the day.  This proved to be beneficial for me as I had easy access to the bathroom and spent the next few hours by the toilet due to nausea and upset stomach.  Throughout the entire trip in Lombok I wasn't well enough to set foot in the water, but Elen and Josh on the other hand was in the pool and the beach quite often as Josh absolutely loves the water and splashing around in it.  One big negative we experienced on the resort was the food...with everything else being amazing, it was a big dissapointment to find out the food was no good by any standard and seeing that we spent our first day at the resort, we had no choice but to eat resort food.  To make matters worst, it was expensive, it bothered me to know that I would spend a lot of money on food that would eventually find its way out of my system within the hour of consuming it as this was the case for the next few days.

Lombok Day 2

The next morning we ate breakfast by the beach at the resort, again the food was sub-par, but I was willing to over look it because of the view we had, we were seated front and centre over looking the beach.  It was a definitely a nice way to wake up in the morning while sipping on your morning tea (or coffee).

Following breakfast, we babysat the kids while my sister and brother in-law went to enjoy the spa service that the resort offered.  Elen, Josh, Cho and Jas was at the pool most of the time while I was still out of action from water activities.  They jumped in and out of the pool and swam this way and that way for a good hour.  It was only when the kids had enough of swimming that we decided to take a stroll on the beach.  The stroll on the beach however was disturbed every now and then by local merchants offering to sell you souvenirs and vacation packages, some of them more annoying than others as they would not easily go away even when you say "no" to them.  Luckily my sister and brother in-law finished their spa treatment and we headed back to their room to discuss and plan our activities for the rest of the day.  Knowing that today was the only time we had left to go out and explore Lombok (next day we would be flying to Bali already) we managed to hire a driver to take us around various places.

First stop, KFC and McDonalds.  Foreign Indo foods have taken a toll on the kids and especially Mike (who is allergic to most Indo foods), first request to the driver was to find us a mall where we could eat familiar foods that Mike and the kids were accustomed to eating back at home.  I welcomed this idea as well since I probably got sick from eating Indo food to begin with.  So for lunch, Elen Josh and I chowed down on some KFC while Mike, my sister and the kids savoured on some McDonald's.

Following lunch, we all decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach.  We decided to head to one of the "Gili" islands (Gili has 3 islands, Trawangan, Meno and Air).  There were other islands/beaches we could've visited within Lombok, however most of these islands/beaches were 2 hours away from where we were.  In the interest of time and not to waste our last day in Lombok in a car, we opted for Gili which was only half an hour away.

To get to the Gili islands we had to take a small boat that would take us to the islands, on our way to the dock we drove past "Monkey Forest" and got to see a lot of wild monkeys along the side of the road.  Some are hanging of a branch eating fruits, others eating what they've picked off from a fellow friend.  It was an interesting sight to see since I can't remember a time that I've seen monkeys so close other than in a zoo.  The driver also explained that pythons usually fall from tree branches when it's raining since the branches become slippery.  YIKES, remind me not to walk past "Monkey Forest" when it's raining!

Upon arrival at the dock, we had to decide which Gili island to actually visit.  The locals have mentioned that Gili Trawangan was a popular destination for tourist, they explain that there is no pollution on the island due to the absence of cars and motor bikes as transportation methods, instead most people travel by bikes or horse driven carts.  Since it was recommended and highly spoken of, we decided to go to Gili Trawangan.  We paid a local boatmen to take us to the island on his speed boat which allowed us to get to the island in 10 mins.  Once we arrived, we quickly realized that we made the wrong choice by going to Gili Trawangan.  Because it was popular, it meant a lot of people were there as well on the beach and there were dozens and dozens of boats that were anchored near the shore which also didn't help with the curb appeal.  We had to walk an extra 1 - 2 kilometre after docking to get away from all the boats in order for us to get a decent spot we can enjoy on the beach.  Furthermore, there were garbage everywhere on the street, I guess they didn't get the memo that garbage was also considered pollution.

We made the best of the situation we had and spent the remaining 2 hours on the beach having fun.  Elen, Josh, Mike and the kids all had a dip on the beach and from the looks of it had a great time.  I on the other hand was still feeling unwell and settled on sleeping on the beach beneath a tree, which to me at that state was just as equally rewarding.

After the beach, we had dinner back on the main island and then proceeded back to the hotel where I spent the remaining evening in the bathroom expelling all the food I just consumed.  How much longer would I have to succumb to this before I can finally enjoy my vacation as there seems no end in sight.

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