Trip to Indonesia - Part 2

A week and a half has past since our arrival in Indonesia and a few notable events have occurred in the process.  Some of these includes Josh meeting his great grandma (Oma Kramat) and the Kramat gang (Oom Indra, Tante Lenny, Tana (Tante Nana), Ko Ichael, Ci Jane, Ax, Ashley, Adrian, Ina, Chloe, Norman, Marenda, Tepen, Ines, Charlie), celebrating Gwyn's (Gwen) 2nd birthday, celebrating Adrian's wedding, and our trip to Lombok and Bali.

Great Grandma and the Kramat Gang

We spent the night at Oma Kramat's place just a day after arriving to Indo so that Josh could finally meet his great grandma (Josh is Oma's 5th great grandchild next to Ax, Ashley, Chloe and Charlie).  We scheduled to meet for lunch, along the way however our driver got a little lost since its his first time being there and he doesn't have much information to go on other than the general directions given by my Aunt and Uncle.  Elen and I were of no help either as we don't know our way around the city, but after making a few stops to ask for directions Elen eventually recognized a few landmarks and was able to successfully guide us to Oma's house in time for lunch.

At the house Josh finally met Oma Co and were greeted by Tana, Ci Jane and Marenda as well where we began eating lunch.  Josh however was not so much in the mood to eat for the next few days as he's not accustomed to eating during the time when he should be sleeping, we would often feed him late into the night or early in the morning to slowly adjust his eating schedule.

After lunch, Tt. Lenny came back from errands and we all decided to go to Grand Indonesia Plaza Mall.  While there we strolled around from store to store and visited 2 cafes where I enjoyed some Salted Caramel Mocha Latte, Mango Smoothie and Kue Cubit.  Like in most cultures, coffee seems to be a big part of people's lives as there are no shortages of cafes there within the mall.  In fact, during my stroll I read an advertisement inside a cafe that read "Drink Coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy".  I guess that pretty much sums up how much people love to drink coffee or how much people like to do stupid things or both. =P  After a few hrs of strolling we decided to head back where we would stay the night.

The following day, Mama Santy (Elen's oldest Aunt from Mom's side) came by to visit in the morning as she's been wanting to meet Josh as well, unfortunately Josh was sleeping (still very jet lagged) during her visit and wasn't able to play with him.  Even more unfortunate, both our schedules would not co-incide to provide another opportunity for her to see Josh again before we leave Indo, so her memory of Josh is of him counting sheeps.

Shortly after Mama Santy left, we too decided to bid our farewell to Oma and get our day started as well, as we have places to be, people to see and on a very tight timeline.  Our first stop was to get some badminton supplies, we went to Elen's usual racket store in Indo and got a much needed replacement for our worn out badminton shoes, we also bought tons of replacement strings for a discount after Elen's bargaining skill was applied.  Next, we visited Tt. Lily (Papi Rudy's younger sister) and Tt. Omi (Papi Rudy's sister in-law) at their house, Tt. Omi however was out running errands and wasn't around when we arrived, we stayed for as long as we could but Josh was too fussy and had to leave before Tt. Omi could meet Josh.

Elen, Josh and I continued on to Kelapa Gading Mall to meet the rest of the Kramat gang, but not without first taking in some Indonesian cuisines. We arrived earlier in order to savour Siomay Bandung, Mie Ayam and Es Campur.  When our tummy was satisfied we met up with the gang to enjoy some dessert where we followed it up with a couple of hrs of fun time at Kaka Ichael's Lollipop play centre for kids.  Josh had a blast there especially at the pool filled with balls.

We finished up the evening by having dinner at the mall where we savoured more Indonesian cusines.  Once our tummies could take no more we bid our farewell and parted separate ways, but not till Josh had another diarrhea accident and leaked through his clothes...luckily Elen had extra clothes for him to change into.

Gwyn's 2nd Birthday and Adrian's Wedding

The next day we celebrated Gwyn's 2nd birthday and finally able to meet her and her baby brother Tyson for the very first time since they were born.  We celebrated her birthday for lunch in a restaurant decorated to a "Frozen" theme, which had a Frozen movie poster as a backdrop and Frozen birthday cake that had all the major characters on top of it.  I enjoyed every part of the celebration until I started to feel chilly, at which point I knew that I was coming down with something.

After the birthday party, I took tylenol to help reduce the fever that was already beginning to break out.  I immediately went straight to bed to rest knowing that I had to leave again for a wedding in the evening.  After a few hours of sleep my fever was gone, but something else set in...nausea.  I felt like throwing up most of the night and didn't have much an appetite during dinner time.

Although I was sick, I was still able to enjoy myself at Adrian & Cynthia's (Adrian is my cousin's son) wedding reception.  I got to see a lot of relatives from my dad's side of the family whom I haven't seen in quite a while and people, which I must confess, can't seem to recall at all.  Many would come up to me and say "Do you know who I am?  Do you remember me?", at which point I would reply embarassed "No...sorry I don't, please remind me".  You see, my dad is the youngest of 8 siblings and part of the baby boomer generation.  It's really difficult to keep track of each one and their descendents and I was only 8 when I left for Canada so my memory as a child was not as good then and I've only managed to remember a handful of them.  So you can imagine how embarassed I must've been throughout the night for every person coming to me asking whether or not I remember who they are.

We stayed and mingled with several people throughout the reception until the family photoshoot were complete (groups of people would be called up one group at a time to take photos with the newly weds).  After the family photoshoot, we decided to call it a night as Josh was quickly becoming fussy from being over-tired.  I also needed to get much needed rest hoping that my illness will subside in time for our mini vacation that would take place the following morning in Lombok.


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