Trip to Indonesia

We're going on a trip on our favourite rocket ship, zooming through the sky...little Einstein!  That was the song that Elen and Josh was accustomed to hearing during Josh's earlier years.  As for zooming, it was far from it as the ride felt like an eternity.

This past Monday we set out on our long journey to our origins, the beautiful country of Indonesia to attend several weddings and meet families/relatives.  But the journey getting there took longer than I would've liked.  We encountered a delay on our fiirst transit in Chicago.  As a result of a electronic problems on the first jet, the crew deemed the aircraft as unsafe and therefore had to wait for a replacement plane which took 2 plus hours to arrive and prep for, I  suppose better to wait than to be falling from the sky! =P

Prior to our trip I worried about several possible outcomes that may arise while travelling with an infant, especially one who particularly doesn't enjoy to sit still for very long periods of time.  Fortunately however, most of my worries were put to rest as we encountered fewer than expected challenging moments and the most part Josh was asleep most of the way, though he was a bit fussy on the last leg of the trip (Tokyo - Jakarta). Perhaps the biggest hurdle for me personally was to get over the long Long LOng flight to Tokyo that seemed to never end.  I was never a fan of long flights (but then again who is?) and the reason this particular route we chose appealed to me so much is because the longest non-stop flight (Chicago - Tokyo) was only 12hrs long instead of the usual flight path that we normally took which averaged 13-14hrs (Toronto - Hong Kong).

Regardless of the shorter flight time, the ride was uncomfortable in every way, I had only slept for at most 10 mins.  which occurred after my walk to the bathroom where I decided to sit on the floor and managed to snooze sitting up while by body teeter tottered in every direction.  Soon after however, I was quickly awoken by the flight attendant advising me that I was not allowed to sit there and therefore had to return to my seat.  With the aircraft switch, we unfortunately got an older model as well, entertainment was mediocre at best and was limited to watching the pre-selected movies they chose for us.  The seat was uncomfortable, and the passengers in front of us reclined their chairs far back which amplified the already cramped space we experienced.

With every passing minute I checked my watch hoping that the 12 hrs would soon be up, so you can imagine my excitement when it was finally time to land.  It was definitely a bitter sweet feeling.  Sweet to finally get out of the confined space that we've been imprisoned to for the last 12 hrs, but bitter because we knew we had missed our connecting flight in Tokyo because of the earlier delays we experienced in Chicago.  We needed to find another way to get to Jakarta.  Fortunately the airline had arranged alternate routes for people who missed their connecting flight.  We were given several options but we opted for the midnight flight back to Jakarta, which was the quickest flight back to Jakarta (departing in 6 hrs). The catch however, the flight departed in another airport that was 70 kms away (Haneda airport), so we had to rush through customs and immigration in order to catch the shuttle bus (leaving in 1.5 hr) that would take us to our destination of Haneda Airport.

During the ride to Haneda airport I was finally able to catch some Zzs, althought it was only about an hour worth, it was a very much needed sleep. Once we reached Haneda airport we managed to inform our relatives of our delay and therefore not to pick us up that night but the following morning instead.  We had plenty of time left to spare after checking in and going through security, so we decided to chow down on some authentic Japanese food, although a bit pricy (airport price) it was well worth it because it was simply DELicious!

After eating, Josh and I spent the remaining hour going up and down the stairs near our boarding gate to tire him out for the last leg of the journey.  This strategy worked well because he fell asleep on Elen's lap in no time prior to take-off and out cold for 3 hrs.  The last 3 hrs of the flight however was a different story, he was awake and fussy most of the time and we were already exhausted and drained from the long flight so our patience was heavily tested.  Somehowe we managed through it though, but just when we thought we got through the ordeal, Josh had diarrhea and leaked through to his clothes just before landing.  The seatbelt sign was already on so we couldn't get up to change him, we decided instead to change him when we land.  However this was not the case as we quickly found out upon landing that the washroom in Jakarta was out of order, we had to go through customs and security first (which unfortunately took another hour) before coming across a functional washroom.

Finally after everything we went through, I was relieved to see my sister and my uncle after claiming our baggage and happy to put all this ordeal behind us as we finally reached our final destination of time to deal with the jet lag. =P


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