Trick or Treat - 2014 Halloween

Trick or treat?!  This year Josh celebrated halloween by dressing up as Mickey Mouse.  It was his first time trick or treating and he looked absolutely adorable in this costume, even Josh himself seems to agree as he always manages to laugh at himself whenever he looked into the mirror while wearing the outfit.

Like last year, this year's halloween was a wet and cold one.  Although the weather was not cooperating, it really didn't dampen the mood of the neighborhood kids as they still took to the streets to collect their treats.  Josh and I did the same, in fact when Josh and I went out trick or treating it was raining quite hard.  I carried him in my arms most of the time and ran from house to house and stayed out for no longer than 15 minutes as I didn't want him getting sick.  Even though we only stayed out for a short while, we managed to get a decent amount of candies (the good kinds too), cause let's face it, these candies are just for Mommy and Daddy now.  Josh probably won't be eating any of these candies until he's  older.

This has got to be the first time I've trick or treated in ages as I can't recall the last time I did so.  Going out again with Josh collecting candies sure does bring back a lot of wonderful memories, but what I can't wait for the most is creating  new wonderful memories with Josh in the years to come.

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