The Tummy Scoocher

Joshua is 8 months old, weighing 20lbs and 71cm tall. He is now starting to immitate us when we click our tongues, he shakes his head when we say "no", and he bangs two toys together right after we showed him how. Josh has also started to walk with support, and he ALWAYS wants to walk around, which takes a toll on mommy's and daddy's backs. Otherwise, he loves to stand on his own while holding on to his play station or the coffee table.

Just recently, Josh started tummy scooching. He tries to army crawl, and most of the time he ended up face-planting on the carpet. But it never stop him from trying to get his bum up to crawl. Well, we shall see whether he will walk first or crawl first. Don't grow up too fast, baby boy! =) 


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