The First Noel

This year Josh celebrated his first Christmas.  Christmas has been my favourite holiday since my family and I first moved here to Canada.  I don't know if its because of the Christmas classic movies that gets played every year or hearing a familiar Christmas tune on the radio that we grew up loving or just staring in awe at the lights that people put up on their homes and trees.  Whatever it may be, there's just something special about Christmas that makes people a little bit more festive and a little bit more jolly like old St. Nick.  Because of these things I've always looked forward to celebrating Christmas.

One tradition that I love doing is setting up the Christmas tree together as a family.  Decorating the tree with the lights, pearls, ribbons and ornaments is fun, but the best part of it is when you complete the decoration and stand back to watch the tree light up.  For years however, we've decorated the tree without a tree top ornament.  This year we finally got around to getting one that we bought at Bronner's Christmas wonderland store during our trip to Chicago.  The tree top is a gold star with built in LEDs on each corner of the star, eventually Josh will get the honours of placing the star on top of the tree when he's big enough.

We celebrated Christmas with lots of food on both Christmas eve and Christmas day with both sides of the family.  There was probably enough food to open a Mandarin restaurant in the neighbourhood.  We ate and ate and ate, by the end of it all I must've gained an extra 10lbs.  It's no wonder people's new year resolution always revolve around losing weight.  Those gyms must also love Christmas time since they usually get a surge of customers joining not long after.

Josh was sadly fussy on both Christmas eve and Christmas day.  His fussyness was likely because of him being sleepy, but getting him to sleep in a loud environment was challenging since he usually prefers the quiet.  On the plus side, Josh and Charlie (Elen's cousin's daughter from Indo) finally got to meet for the first time and we also had a white Christmas for the first time in years.

Overall, Christmas was a wonderful experience to me.  Last year I celebrated my first Christmas as a family with Elen, and this year Elen and I celebrated our first Christmas as parents while celebrating Josh's first Christmas at the same time.  I can't wait to see what Christmas will bring next year.


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