Thanksgiving & Halloween

This October, we celebrated Josh's first Thanksgiving. Rudy and I were thankful for the family and friends that we have and for the many blessings that God gives. We were especially thankful that God entrusted us with a lovely son, Joshua. This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving three times: one with my extended family, one with Rudy's extended family, and one with our little family. On thanksgiving day, Rudy and I were playing with Josh after dinner, and to our suprise, Josh started laughing for the first time! It brought so much joy to hear him laugh on such a joyful occasion. 

At the end of October, we celebrated Josh's first Halloween by entering him on a costume contest at Lee's Badminton Club in Mississauga. We dressed him up as Superman, and Rudy also wore his Superman shirt to match with Josh. Rudy was "flying" Josh across the courts, hoping to win people's votes. Unfortunately, the father-and-son Superman team did not win against Minnie mouse. Despite the loss, we still enjoyed the night playing badminton in costumes. 


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