Safari Niagara

We are long overdue for a family fun trip, so we decided to have a day trip to the safari niagara before Josh turned 2 (because it is free admission for children under 2). When we got to the safari in the morning, It was already hot and humid, but Josh was very excited to ride the safari train. We rode the train and took the first stop at the big cats section. We walked through a trail in a forested area and saw many big cats, including lions, tigers, and wolves. After the trail ended, we took the train again where we saw a flamingos, giraffes, bears to name a few. We then got off the train to eat some lunch, where there was also a big playground, bouncy section, and a big splash pad. After our lunch, we took Josh to the splash pad and of course he was unsure about it at first, but he eventually had a blast! 

After the splash pad, Josh rode a mini roller coaster, on which he was scared to death. Then we rode the train and stopped to go to a bird house. We got a popsicle stick lined with honey and seeds to feed the birds. Josh loved feeding and watching the colourful birds, he certainly did not want to leave. Once the bird seeds ran out, we decided to walk back to the parking lot, and Josh was so tired, he fell asleep as we carried him to the car. It was a fun-filled day indeed. Can't wait for the next adventure!



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