Pan Amazing!

As the Pan Am comes to a close, I can truly say that it was a success and a wonderful experience for me.  In short it was Pan Amazing!

Although I didn't participate as an athlete I felt like an athlete to some extent.  Having trained throughout the year in preparation for this one glorious moment and what a moment it was.  Several thousand world class athletes coming to play in our backyard and putting on a spectacular display of sports at its best, the games couldn't have gone any better.

The best part of this experience is without a doubt watching the best games on the best seats.  There were so many edge of your seats moments and plays that made the crowds went "ooooH!" and "ahhhhH!".   What's even more amazing is how much the sport of badminton has grown in Canada and this is evident from the number of spectators that showed up in the stands.

Since day 1 there were plentyful of fans in the stand supporting for their favorite players/teams, they were loud, passionate and continously cheered their favourite players by chanting their name in support, especially those that represents Canada.  The fans were also a class-act and great representation of how welcoming Canadians are, they displayed respect for all players by giving each one of them a standing ovation everytime they marched off a court shortly after finishing their match.

Overall, it was a great experience and I was hoping my next one would be the 2016 Olympics in Rio, unfortunately I need at least 3 international event experience in order to volunteer for Olympic level, the Pan Am counts as 1, 2 more to go.  Well I guess if I can't go to the 2016 Olympics perhaps the Olympics can come here...Toronto 2024 Olympic bid??


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