Our Little Explorer

Ever since Joshua learns tummy scooching and holding our hands to walk, curious Josh has been exploring the world around him. He likes to study the door stoppers, night lights, and air vents, in particular.  He likes to leave his finger prints on all the reachable stainless steel appliances, all the glass tables, and mirrors (thinking that it's a present for daddy when he gets home from work). He also loves taking CDs out of the CD rack and tossing and scattering them all on the floor. 

Shortly after he turned 9 months, this little explorer learned how to climb. He started climbing the back board of our bed. Then, he started climbing the coffee table and the tv stand. Then, he started climbing his crib! Everytime we put him down to sleep, he would find his way to a standing position and he cannot go back to sleep. That night, we ended up putting him to sleep in his own room, in his play pen (because it is softer than the crib in case he falls from a standing position), which to our surprise, he started sleeping through the night more often nowadays. 

Just last week, Josh is about 9 and a half month old, we got ourselves a crawler!! And it is the REAL crawl, not the army crawl that he's been doing. It is good that Josh explores more independently now by crawling and climbing things everywhere around the house. I guess this is the time to baby proof the house! A couple days after he crawls, all of the sudden, he claps his hands! Rudy and I just say "clap, clap, clap" to him , and he would clap his hands; or, if we clap our hands, he would imitate us. It is very fun and rewarding to see him develop so fast and learn new things every day. We shall see what he will learn to do next. 


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  Rudy Hartono

May 14, 2014 at 08:55 am

Haha...yes "present" for daddy! Thanks for the finger print presents Osh!