Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Elen had another ultrasound last month to finally find out the gender of the baby and we're delighted to share the news that we're expecting another boy!  Oh boy oh boy as the title suggest, Elen and I are going to be really busy trying to keep up with 2 boys running around the house causing mayhem where ever they may go.

It wasn't all entirely good news however, after the ultrasound the doctor suspected that the baby may have cleft palate.  She recommended another ultrasound to confirm her findings.  Following the 2nd ultrasound it was discovered that the baby has a cleft lip as oppose to cleft palate.  Of course being a worried parent that I am, I researched all I could about the birth defect and fortunately the issue can be corrected by simple cosmetic surgery a few months after being born.  Luckily it wasn't cleft palette, although correctable by surgery as well, the procedure would've been more invasive and elaborate compared to cleft lip.  But still, like any parent, Elen and I began asking ourselves "What did we do wrong?" and can't help feel at fault for the outcome of our baby boy even when we know we're not.

At this point all we can do is place our trust in the good Lord to deliver us a healthy baby boy.  I've prayed daily asking the Father to continually keep our baby in His hands, to nurture him to continually grow and develop him in Elen's womb such that he can one day fully enjoy the life that God has given him to the fullest without any limitations.  I request your support as well, that you may keep our baby boy in your prayers for a bright and healthy future.

Despite the setback, Elen and I can't help but feel blessed that God has once again entrusted the care of His children in us.  We're thrilled at the thought that Josh will have a younger sibling, maybe now he'll have met his match and finally have someone that can keep up with his energetic pace.

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