Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day - This weekend we celebrated mother's day.  It was the first mother's day that applied to our resident mother Elen.  Unfortunately we couldn't do much celebrating as most of us were sick that weekend and we had a lot of things happening that weekend including a tournament on mother's day.  So we agreed to postpone the celebration to a later date and have dinner at a restaurant of her choosing when we're all feeling better.

Nevertheless, we did manage to find time and visit our own mothers.  Since I had an all day tournament on Sunday, we knew we wouldn't be able to visit our mothers on mother's day and had to improvise by seeing them the day before.  Despite our busy schedule on Saturday (wedding and birthday party to attend to) we still managed to squeeze in some mother time.  We did a surprise visit to Oma Maya first (shortly after finishing up the church ceremony for the wedding).  We brought her flowers to commemorate the occasion.  At first she didn't hear our entrance as she was busy drying her hair, but when she found out, she was delighted to see us and Josh which her attention quickly turned to who was busy showing off his new found skill...clapping. =D

We also managed to go and visit Josh's other Oma, Oma Hiang at the cemetery after the birthday party.  We said a few personal prayers and took some photos of Josh with her picture.  Then it was off to my sister's place to have her watch over Josh while we attended the wedding reception.

As grand as mother's day is, there was however a period of time in my life when I wished that mother's day would no longer be celebrated since the passing of my own mom, without her I no longer had a mother to celebrate for.  I went through 9 years of uncelebrated mother's day and it wasn't until a decade later after marrying Elen did I once again have a mother to celebrate for.  And now this year, Elen is now a mother herself.

Despite my selfish desire in the past, I honestly can't put enough value in mothers and the contribution they make to their families.  My mom definitely had a part in shaping me to be the man that I've become today.  It's not an easy job being a mother (I know because I gave my own mom a hard time every now and then), it takes selflessness, a lot of patience, kindess and a bottomless caring heart to carry that prestigious title.  And these 3 mothers in my life had the right recipe:

To mommy Maya: Thank you for accepting me in your family as your son, thank you for all your support, love and kindness that you've shown to me over the years, not to mention all the foods & es teler you've made for me.  After being motherless for 9 years of my life, I'm fortunate to have the ability to call someone "mom" again, and not just any mother, but a mother with wonderful qualities that you possess.  Thank you for filling the void in my life, I love you & Happy Mother's day!

To my mom:  I love you very much, I miss you even more, I will push on forward with the values you've instilled in me to become a son you can be proud of and one that you can talk highly about amongst the great company of God's Kingdom.  Thank you for showing me patience towards me despite the troubles I've given you and for always being a wonderful mother.  Happy Mother's day!

To my wife: I can't express enough gratitude to you for being the person that you are.  You are by nature loving, kind, sweet, funny, thinks highly of others, never gives up on others.  I'm happy and proud to call you my wife and more importantly happy to know that Josh will be able to experience the same things that I did growing up with my mom through you.  I love you very much, Happy Mother's day!

To the rest of you mothers out there.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for doing what you do best...being a loving, caring mother.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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