May Long Weekend

During the May long weekend, we decided to go to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto for a family fun event. The day started early in the morning, when we drove to Oakville Go to take the train to Union Station. Josh enjoyed playing with a lot of choo-choo train toys lately, and we thought he would be excited to ride the train. And of course he loved the train ride very much. When we got to Union Station, Josh walked almost the entire way to the aquarium by himself (we did not bring a stroller). As we arrive at the aquarium, Josh was excited to look at the fishies, and lobsters, sharks, and jelly fishies. But he was most excited about turning random wheels here and there, and going to the slides at the rest area of the aquarium. It took us 1 hour and 30 min to 2 hours to go through the aquarium. Josh was getting hangry (angry from hunger) towards the end, so we rushed out to get him some food. We ended up eating McDonalds at Union Station while we wait to take the VIA rail back to Oakville. Overall, it was an awesome trip, a much needed adventure, and a nice family bonding time for the three of us. 


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