June Celebrations

This June has been quite a busy month for us, as we have lots to celebrate for. Here are the highlights of June celebrations:

  • June 2nd - Elen's Birthday:
    As mentioned on previous blog, I celebrated my birthday three times with families  and everything was awesome!  I thank God for the families and friends that He blessed me with, especially for Rudy and Josh, whom I love so dearly.
  • June 9th - Elen's birthday gift:
    With all the blessings that God has given me, I guess He is still not done showering me with another gift : a job!  After months of searching for jobs, applying for schools, receiving many rejection emails from the job applications, I finally got a job in the same field. The job seems to be the perfect fit for me, not too far from home, and it is part-time (so I can still spend time with Josh).  Praise the Lord!
  • June 15th - Father's day:
    It was Rudy's first Father's day!  We enjoyed healthy breakfast together (pancakes and eggs) at home, and we ate dinner with Rudy's family to celebrate the wonderful Dads (Daddy Leo, Rudy, and Mike).  It was also my dad's birthday, which we celebrated a week later.

    Sophia's birthday:  That very same day was Sophia's first birthday party.  She is our neighbour, and Josh's girl friend (friend who is a girl).  We spent the afternoon chilling at their newly built patio (which Rudy helped built), and enjoyed the companies and awesome BBQ.  Josh was also happy eating burger and playing with many friends at the party.
  • June 21st - Gender Reveal party:
    Tasha and Tyo decided to have a gender revealling party for their upcoming child.  We had a BBQ at their place, and Tasha made cake pops  such that when we bite the cake pop, the colour of the cake inside will reveal the gender of the baby. And when everyone bit their cake at the same time, the cake was PINK!  Wahoo!  Congrats Tasha and Tyo , baby girl is on her way!

    Dad's birthday:  After we ate the cake pop at Tasha's place, we also celebrated my dad's bithday.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and ate some ice cream cake that I made.   =).   Happy birthday, Opa!
  • June 26th - Monik's graduation:
    Yesterday, Monik graduated from highschool!  YAY!  She has been working hard with seemed to be endless studies from her IB program that she was in, and she finally completed the program!  From hundreds of students that was in the program, only twenty or so made it through till the end.  Kudos to her!  After her convocation, we celebrated at Miga Korean restaurant for dinner.  It was yummy!  Congrats again Monks, have a great time in uni!

Well, as you can see, it has been a crazy busy month. But, I have a feeling July will also be a busy month...as someone is turning one year old.


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