Josh's Baptism

On November 10, 2013 we celebrated Josh's first sacrament, the sacrament of baptism.  Many family and friends joined in on the event to witness this special event of Josh's life.  This first milestone for Josh is especially important to us as Christian parents as it meant that now Josh is a member of not just our family, but more importantly God's.

The ceremony lasted for an hour, followed with group pictures.  Typically during pictures everybody would try to keep their eyes open even during the most brightest of flash.  Josh however didn't seem to get the memo and decided to doze off whilst in the middle of picture taking.  But that's ok we simply explain to people that Josh blinked during that photo...and that one...and that one as well...and those 10 remaining pictures of him.

Once the pictures were taken, the celebration continued in our home.  We were originally concerned if our small home would be able to accommodate our families and friends, but we're relieved that it did.  Many people were generous and brought many dishes to share, we ate, laughed and enjoyed each other's company right up until the evening when everyone decided to go home.

We're very thankful of the outcome and to everyone that came to celebrate the event, especially to Josh's God parents, my friends Patrick and Vivian.  Patrick was one of my closest friend growing up, I remember he always had a desire to attend church and get to know God more intimately.  As a result of that desire, I'm very pleased to see both of them mature spiritually and deeply rooted in their faith in Christ.  I hope that same desire to know God will be inherited by Josh as he grows spiritually.

As Josh journeys into his new faith, we only hope that we can successfully guide Josh in the path of Christ. To ensure that this happens, we ask that you pray for us, that we may be Christ-like everyday so that we can become the kinds of parents that God has been to us all.  We also ask that you continually pray over Josh. Now being the children of the Light, pray that he may always keep his sight focused on God and follow the Light of truth.


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