Josh 2nd Birthday

Last week we celebrated Josh's 2nd birthday and what a birthday celebration it was.  We had approx. 40 people in attendance and there was a bouncing castle and a kiddie pool setup for the kids.

Last week was also one of the hottest days we've encountered so far this summer, but fortunately we were able to setup a kiddie pool and a bouncing castle (courtesy of our neighbor) in our own backyard.  They were both loved by all the kids, the pool was a quick way for kids to cool off from the summer heat, and when they were done splashing they would jump right into bouncing castle and bounce to their heart's content.  It was a miniature playground right in our own backyard, it was every kids dream come true.

Having looked back in the year, I still can't believe that it's been 2 years since we were blessed with Josh in our lives.  There has been many challenging times but plentiful of joyous moments throughout our first experience as a parent.  His first steps, his first trip overseas, his new found vocabs.  I can't express how blessed I feel and how proud I am as a parent to have witnessed Josh grow and reach the various milestones of his life.

To Josh,

Everyday we look forward to waking up with you and seeing what the day brings.

Every week we're excited in exploring the world together and seeing what it has to offer.

Every year we thank God and count our blessings for being able to share another chapter of our life with you.

We can't wait to make many more cherished memories with you.

Happy Birthday my son, may God's perfect and unending love always be felt daily in your life.  - Mom & Dad


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