Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Gone is 2013 and here to stay is 2014.  On new year's eve we decided to hang out at my sister's place.  We decided to first play badminton in the afternoon with Chocho and Edo at Flying Dragon Badminton Club (where Chocho currently takes badminton lessons).  There wasn't a lot of people present at the club that day (probably because it's new year's eve), however we managed to come across an old friend of mine, Anca, whom I trained with at Erindale Jr. Badminton Club.  Unfortunately she didn't remember me, I don't blame her though, since it was over 15 years ago when we both trained at that club.  We managed to play 3 matches with her.  In between matches I managed to also get some coaching time with Chocho.  He has significantly improved in his timing, we played a game where the goal is to try and push the opponent to the back of the court, and on several occasion he's managed to push me beyond the back of the court.  Witnessing this brings back memories of when I used to coach myself.  I loved coaching, it was both enjoyable and rewarding at the same time and I hope to be able to explore that option again one day.

The plan was to stay at my sister's until the countdown, however after having a full dinner at Congee Wong I quickly became sleepy.  Hoping to delay my sleepiness, I decided to take a shower.  It proved to be ineffective still, as shortly after my shower I became sleepy again.  Knowing that I wouldn't last to midnight, Elen and I decided to just call it a year (year...haha...get it?  Instead of day...bahaha) and head home.  We got home with time to spare before midnight rolled around.  We celebrated the new year as I was climbing into bed getting ready to sleep.  This was a sad moment for me as it reminded me of my tender age, that I can no longer stay up as long as I used to in my younger years.  <sigh>

As I look back on the year, I have much to be thankful for.  We were blessed with Josh as our first child, we became parents for the first time, we finally all lived together under one roof and I managed to finish this website.  I hope God will continue to bless us in abundance this new year, but more importantly I hope everything we do will always be pleasing to His eyes and bring joy to His heart.

Lastly, we would like to wish you and your family a happy new year that is filled with good health, success and love.  Cheers!

Rudy, Elen & Josh

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