Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!  As mentioned before we have much to celebrate in April, and Easter is no exception for we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As I contemplate on this month, April brings a lot of new beginnings.  Although March is the official beginning of Spring, it isn't until April did it finally feel like Spring with the snow melting and temperature rising to double digits.  Some of you may have heard the phrase "April showers brings May flowers", this is symbolic to what Easter truly is about..."LIFE".  After a long dark cold winter we are finally welcomed by April showers and the warmth of the sun once more that brings life to many plants.  Similarly, like the rain and the sun rising, our source of living water and light in Christ Jesus has risen from His winter grave to give life to those that seeks it.  So let us be joyful and rejoice in our risen Lord.  For He has given us the gift of life by dying on the cross.

Easter is a time of new beginning, for God has cleansed us from all our sins.  Let us seek Him daily and renew our faith in Him so that we may walk in the path of righteousness.

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