Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!

This weekend we celebrated Mike's birthday.  Mike's birthday, family day and the Olympics this year is about the only thing that I look forward to during this past few months.  My 2 least favourite months of the entire year would have to be January and February...why?  Because during these 2 months I typically get my snowitis condition that normally leaves me with strained back muscles as a result of never-ending shoveling. Most of it results from the great wall of China that I need to break down on the front of our driveway everytime the snow plow passes our street.  This along with dry scaly hands and congested nasal you can understand why it's my least favourite months.

But enough of my rants...this is about Mike.  We had a small gathering at their house for dinner that was filled with a variety of food.  As always getting a gift for either Mike or my sister is always a challenge.  Every gift idea I came up with always ends up with them having it already.  They have everything!  But it wasn't until I looked at the picture above that I truly understood...they really do have everything they need...a beautiful family to share each aging year with.  Any gift I could come up with would pale in comparison to what was given to them already by God.  But not to come empty handed, I gave Mike a red envelope since Chinese new year recently occurred a few days before.

Anyways, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to you Mike!  I hope you've had a wonderful birthday and may the year continue to bring you happiness in your life.

Rudy, Elen & Josh


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