Happy Birthday Auntie Cathy!

A few days ago we celebrated my sister's birthday.  We spent the day at her place playing Super Mario 3D World on the new Wii U with Cho and Jassie and chowing down some Sushi that Oma and Opa brought over for dinner.  While for dessert we had the birthday cake that Mike made himself.  It was so good that I wish I had more of it.

Following dessert came time to open presents.  Leading up to her birthday the biggest problem I always faced was trying to find a gift that is suitable for her.  Whatever ideas I may come up with, she either already has it or doesn't find a use for it.  This year however, after asking her continously to let me know what she would like, she finally said "I want Indo food".  So we ended up buying her an Indonesian cook book recipe and a box of Indo Mie!  Hahaha....happy birthday Sis!


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