Happiest Birthday Mommy Elen!

Happy Birthday to my dear wife!  This past weekend we celebrated Elen's birthday twice!  One with my side of the family and one with her side of the family.

Coincidentally both Elen and Linda has the same birthday.  So it was decided that we would celebrate both birthdays on Sunday at Oma Ina's place. Everyone gathered during lunch time and as usual we were greeted with lots of food plus additional dishes that were brought in by Elen (pulled pork sandwich) & Mike (ribs).  We had so much food that Opa Gwan suggested we start with the pizzas...Matt chuckled at this idea because he never thought he would see the day that there be so much food that Pizza would become an appetizer!

I managed to get the next day off from work in order to spend time with Elen and Josh for Elen's birthday.  I woke up early enough to make breakfast for Elen on her special day while she was still asleep.  I prepared her pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, I would've liked to cook bacon as well but we had none.  For lunch Elen decided to use her gift card at Kelsey's that she received for her birthday.  We rarely go to Kelsey's and after looking at the prices of the meals I was reminded why.  The average price for a meal there was approx. $17 which is too steep for me, but because we had a gift card we were able to splurge a little which was nice.

In the evening we went over to Elen's side of the family to celebrate her birthday.  Oma Maya and Opa Rudy bought us jerk chicken for dinner, which was delicious.  Fortunately aunty Tasha and uncle Tyo was able to join in the celebrations as well after arriving back from their trip to Greece. Elen also made her own ice cream birthday cake which I have to admit was really good.  The cake was surrounded with Oreo cookies and chocolate chips and was a mix between strawberry and cappuccino flavoured ice cream, yummy in my tummy!

Overall it was a nice relaxing weekend and time well spent with all the families.  Elen seemed to enjoy herself and had a great time on every occasion. Once again a big Happy Birthday to my dear wife, Josh and I are very lucky to have you in our lives, we love you so very much!

XOXO from your two boys!


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