First Month with Daniel

Oh how time flew by as I realised that it has been one month since Daniel's birthday. We spent three nights at the hospital since his birth to treat Daniel's jaundice, then, we were so happy to finally go home with the baby. The first few days at home was a bit tough. We were trying to adapt with the new baby: Daniel was more awake at night, which means hardly any sleep for us; Josh wanted more attention (he was a bit jealous); and we were hosting guests that wanted to see Daniel. Next thing you know, a week flew by. 

On day 8, Daniel developed a fever. I took him to his peadiatrician right away, and he told us to go to the hospital. And here we were back at the hospital, where they did a full work up on Danny to find out what was causing the fever. I stayed with Danny at the hospital for two nights because he was on antibiotics for 48 hours, and Daddy and Josh went back and forth from home to hospital.  On the third day, we were allowed to go home, since there was no bacterial infections they could find, which means Danny probably got a fever from a virus. 

Two days after the hospital stay, Rudy went back to work, which means mommy stay home with two kids for a whole day! At first, I was really worried because I don't know if I can handle it, but I guess you won't know until you try. First day of being alone with two kids, well... I survived! Daniel sleeps pretty much the whole day, which means I can play with Josh most of the day. It is still very tiring, there are good days and bad days, but that is life. 

All of the sudden, Daniel is one month old! He is 55cm tall, which means he grew 3cm since birth, and he is now 4.6kg. I also gave him his first haircut at one month, since his hair was so long at birth. I thought he needed a haircut at birth, but I waited one month to cut his hair. Now his hair is rockin'!

Happy one month, baby Daniel!


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