First Family Vacation

At the end of September 2013, we were very fortunate that Rudy was able to take parental leave for 3 months.  This means more help taking care of Josh, more help around the house, more time to spend with each other, and we can have our first family vacation! After much contemplation on where to go for our vacation, we decided that it was best to take our 2-month-old son on a road trip.

The journey began on October 3rd, when we drove down to Windsor and celebrated a friend's baby shower. Then we head down to Frankenmuth, Michigan, where we shopped at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, enjoyed Bavarian Town and ate the "world famous" chicken dinner. At the hotel, we took Josh for a swim for the first time, which he enjoyed very much. 

We then drove down to Holland, Michigan, where we enjoyed sight seeing at the Nelis' Dutch Village. The little dude slept the whole time we were there. 

We continued our journey and drove to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. We went for a tour of the Wrigley's field, devour Chicago's deep dish pizza, took pictures at the Buckingham Fountain, and walked around the Millenium Park. Josh really enjoyed the visit to Shedd's aquarium. His eyes were following many colourful fishies and other sea creatures. Josh also saw many different kinds of animals at the Lincoln Park zoo. While walking around downtown Chicago, Rudy and I had the best sub we've ever had at Fontano's. Lastly, we walked for miles to the Navy Pier to look at attractions at Lake Michigan, then it was time to head home. 

On the way home we visited the Windsor Regional Cancer Center, where Josh met my wonderful work family in Windsor. And as we get home, we reflected on the whole trip. My favourite part of the trip was the aquarium and eating that oh-so-good sub at Chicago. Rudy's favourite part was staying at the Holiday Inn Express at Frankenmuth, which made me think "why do I plan to see all these attractions when he enjoyed staying at the hotels most" . But more importantly, we thank God for allowing us to go on this road trip, for keeping us safe, and for the memories made as we grow with each other as a new family.


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