Danny's Baptism

January 10th, 2016 marked Danny's baptism.  We give praise everyday to God for having been blessed with such a lovely child and what better way to express our love than baptizing him to be part of God's family.

I feel privileged that God has entrusted the care of his child to both Elen and I not once but twice.  Danny has been nothing but a blessing in our lives, it truly is amazing to be able to witness the milestones a child goes through and baptism is one of the biggest milestones they will encounter.

We're very fortunate as well to have our close friends and family in attendance to witness and celebrate Danny's baptism as well as my sister and my brother in law to be the God parents of Danny.  I'm sure they will be able to provide good Christian values throughout Danny's life.

Please pray for Danny and his new journey as part of God's family, that God may always bless and keep him and equip him with the necessary tools to carry out His glorious plans.


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