Daniel is 3 Months old

Here is a little update on baby Danny. Daniel just turned 3 months old. He is now 5.8 kg and everyone that meets him comments about his wonderful hair. He loves to coo and gurgle. He smiles and laughs and so full of life. 

Three days ago, Daniel had his lip repair surgery. The surgery took two hours and we had to stay overnight as he recovers from the surgery. Good thing we were allowed to go home the next morning, because I hate being stuck in the hospital room. Poor Daniel was definitely more fussy. Not only his lip was hurting, his arms were restrained so he can't bend his arms, and he has to eat from a syringe.  But every now and then he still gives us his smiles and laughter, such a great little dude. Even though the road to recovery is painful, the handsome boy is going to be even more handsome soon. 


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