Christmas 2015

It's that time of year again, Christmas time! This Christmas is extra special, not only that it is Daniel's first Christmas, but I feel that God was extra gracious to our family and we have lots and lots to be thankful for.

First and foremost, we thank God that our Savior was born on Christmas day.

Secondly, we are also so thankful that Daniel's surgery went well and he recovered very well, even though just before Christmas we found that there is one stitch that was stuck under his skin, which caused him to have a little skin infection on that site, but overall Daniel looks handsome as ever. I visited a plastic surgeon to look at Daniel's skin infection, Danny was smiling at him, and he said that children with cleft lip smiles a lot (it's true, Daniel is a happy baby). He said the theory of cleft lip is when the baby is in the womb, he was smiling when the lip is forming, that's why it got separated. I thought that's a very nice theory to go by.

Thirdly, Rudy got offered a new job! Praise the Lord! Rudy has been praying and praying ever since Josh was born to get a job closer to home. His current job requires 3.5 hours of commute in a day. He's been applying to a position in Guelph quite often, but never an answer. Until the beginning of November when his friend told him that there is a position in Milton. I thought right away that God is answering his prayer. God has His own timing and He is truly an awesome God. Here we are praying to get a job in Guelph because it will be close to home, but he makes us wait a bit, then gives a job right in our own backyard.

Then there's the joy of Christmas. Time spent with family and friends, with gift giving and lots of good food. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful family and friends that continually support us and love us no matter what. And of course, Josh was super excited to open the many presents under the Christmas tree.

Grace, grace, grace. Blessings after blessings. So much love.

Thank you, Lord. 


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