Christmas - 2014

It's Christmas time again! This year it felt like Christmas just came so suddenly. I guess with work and Josh keepimg me busy, time just flew; and before I knew it, it's Christmas eve...

This year we celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas eve. We had a huge gathering of many families. We had lots of awesome food and good times with friends and families. We sang some carols, shared our thanksgivings and apologies, played awesome group games, and exchaged gifts. It was definitely a night to remember.

On Christmas day, we had our Christmas celebration at our local church. Then we went home and opened presents from friends, family and each other. Josh enjoyed opening his presents under the tree. He opened one present, wanted to play with it, and he did not know or care that there are many more presents for him. Daddy also enjoyed opening presents, just like a little boy on Christmas morning. It was a wonderful time spent with our little family. 

The next day, we celebrated Christmas with Rudy's family. This year, it was held at Linda, Matt, and Nathan's beautiful house. We had a wonderful dinner together and shared stories. Josh spent the night chasing ko Cho and ci Jas, and running away from Cody, the big dog. At the end of the night we opened many presents that we got each other. It was an awesome night indeed. That night, we slept over at Mike and ci Cathy's house. 

The next morning, we played badminton with the Ho family and Edo. We then ate lunch at First Markham Place and had our fill of Chinese food and bubble teas. Towards the evening, Rudy and I had a date while Josh played with ko Cho and ci Jas. Rudy and I went to the movie theatre to watch The Night at the Museum, followed by dinner at Go for Tea restaurant. We had a great, much needed date =). 

The day after, we continued our Christmas celebration with my sixters and friends. We had potluck lunch, which was really good. The sixters had our tradition of secret santa exchange, and this year, we had to get our secret santa a present that starts with the person's initials. My present was a Huge Big Hamper (with element of surprise!). Though there was a bit of mix up with the gift exchange, everyone was happy with their gifts. We then played some group games and had a blast. 

And finally our Christmas celebrations came to an end. It was fun, and memorable time spent with family and friends. Can't wait for next Christmas!


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