Big Broth

Extra extra!  Read all about it...Josh is going to be a big Broth...I mean big brother!  Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read right, there's nothing wrong with your eyes.  Our beloved Josh is going to be an older sibling.

Like many of you I wondered how could this barely 2 year old who still wears diapers and runs around the house pushing a shopping cart could be a big brother?  I mean someone who still finds peek-a-boo hilarious and can't get up on the bed without being helped doesn't exactly scream out big brother material...but then again maybe that's why he's just a big broth right now, still working and in the process of becoming a big brother.  =D

Regardless of what we think whether Josh is big brother material yet, there's no doubt that there's a lot of work ahead for all of us (Elen and I included) to make adjustments and changes to accomodate the arrival of our newest family member.  Elen and I will have to dig deep and find extra patience lying around in our reserves and Josh will have to learn to share more often and learn to get along with other babies.

Despite the work ahead we're delighted of the news that God has blessed us once again and expanded our little family.  We anxiously wait for the arrival of our little one.  E.T.A August 2015.


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