Bestest Gift Ever

God truly works in wonders and in one of the most unique ways.  Next to blessing me with His Son as an atonement for my sins, he's blessed me with the next best thing for my birthday...a son of my own.

August 21st, 2015 @ 1:55pm marks the birth of my 2nd son Daniel, I'm now blessed with 2 beautiful sons (Joshua & Daniel).  Daniel was born at 7lbs 13oz and has a slight cleft lip.  Upon further inspection by the paeditrician, the cleft lip seems to be an isolated anomaly and is correctable by a simple cosmetic surgery which he will undergo in 2 mths time.  My only explanation to this is that God was rushing to complete Danny to present me with the best gift ever on my birthday and didn't finish making Danny's lip yet...hahaha...j/k.  God's work is always complete and perfect and despite his cleft lip he's nothing less than perfect.  A perfect gift for my birthday.  Thank you O' Lord.

Josh has been exceptionally good as well with Daniel, he's been wanting to hold him often and everytime Danny cried Josh would run to him and say "It's ok baby Danny....shhh....shhhh...shhh" while rubbing him on his tummy.  From time-to-time Josh would also get jealous (as with any kid), he'd raise his arms to us as we're holding Danny asking us to carry and hold him instead.  But overall I can't complain how well Josh has been around Danny.  I guess time will tell if this behaviour will continue when Danny is old enough to grab his toys. =P


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