April Birthdays

This month we had much to celebrate, in particular a few birthdays worth mentioning.  It was the birthday of Josh's Opa Gwan (April 7) and Oma Maya (April 16).  So first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Opa Gwan and Oma Maya!

For Opa Gwan, we celebrated his birthday at Oma Ina's house with plentyful of foods (as usual whenever we have a gathering and celebration). There were plate-fulls of sushi, Swiss Chalet chickens/ribs, Malaysian style fried chicken and apple crumble cake for dessert.  There was certainly no shortage of foods, in fact there were many left-overs that we all got to take home a dish for next day's meal(s).

As if that day wasn't worth celebrating enough, we also got news that Linda and Matt are expecting their first child that day!  The gender of the baby have been known and they are expecting a baby boy!  Congratulations to both Matt and Linda on the wonderful news.  Looks like Josh will have a friend to hang out with next time we have our gatherings.

For Oma Maya, it was unfortunate that we weren't able to see her on her birthday as she was in Indonesia at the time.  But Oma Maya managed to face-time on her new iPad (gift from her children) with Josh and Elen during her birthday to wish her a wonderful birthday!  It's amazing nowadays what technology is capable of, connecting friends and families together even if they are thousands of miles away.  Though Indonesia's network still needs improvements as many lags were still experienced.

So once again we wish both Opa Gwan and Oma Maya a big Happy Birthday!  May God continue to bless you both with many more wonderful birthdays for years to come surrounded and celebrated by your friends and families.

With love,

Rudy, Elen & Josh

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