9 Week Challenge - Week 9

WEEK 9 COMPLETED - Picture this...there I was running confidently and effortlessly with the finish line in sight and within reach, when all of a sudden a piece of obstacle caught the edge of my toe that resulted in a change of my once graceful stride to now a tuck and roll position.  I rolled for the last few remaining metres, much like a tumbleweed often rolled across screens of western movies, only to stop short of the final finish line.  Did you picture that?  Cause that's how I finished my final week of the challenge.

The little piece of obstacle in question is a bug (viral bug) that I caught from Josh (which he got from day care).  I was stuffed up and congested by mid-week and basically ended my 9 week challenge early.  I was actually very excited at the start of the week and was hoping for a different finish.  Although I didin't get the finish I was hoping for, my sickness surprisingly brought positive results towards the final outcome of the weigh in.  I guess it wasn't all a loss.

As I look back on the 9 weeks, I'm glad I did it.  One of the things I would change next time around though is a more careful examination of my diet.  I wasn't bad with what I ate, but it wasn't the best either for this particular challenge.  The next time around I would have to plan the food and nutrition accordingly to cater specifically to this challenge.  Although I didn't reach my goal on the scale, I am overall more fit today than when I started.  I'm stronger and able to lift heavier weights with more repetitions, my speed and stamina has improved as I can run faster and farther now.

Now that the challenge is complete, I will now be going into maintenance mode, I will do regular exercises to maintain my current state...starting next week. =P I'm going to reward myself this week with plenty of R&R.

Highlight of this week's training and final weigh in:

  • Approx. 1 hr of weight training.
  • 5 hrs of badminton.

Final weigh in:

  • 163.5 lbs (plus 1 lb from previous week).
  • 17% body fat (minus 1% from previous week).

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