9 Week Challenge - Week 8

WEEK 8 COMPLETED - Status quo has been the result for this week as I successfully completed my 8th and 2nd last week of my challenge.

To be honest, I'm running on fumes right now, I'm pretty burnt out with all the workouts that I've been doing every week and what's worse I have very little results to show for.  It may be true that I'm probably not putting enough hours in my workout each week, but given the situation that I'm a new dad, this is the best I can do and the most time I can dedicate to my training without sacrificing family life.

Perhaps my goal for this challenge is a bit too ambitious (as with most of my goals).  But then again, I would be content with not reaching my goal so long as I can earnestly say that I tried my best.  The middle of the week however I saw a glimpse of hope, shortly after doing my run, I got on the scale to weigh myself and to my surprise I managed to hit my all time low so far in this challenge with a 16% body fat reading.  Again it probably was the scale just teasing me and taunting me because that figure didn't last long.

At this point I'm excited that I only have 1 week left for my challenge, I will be looking forward to at least a week of rest without worrying to find time to do my exercises.  Despite running only on fumes, I hope I can manage to find some extra reserve to sprint to the finish line and finish strong.  I'm going to at least try to get a figure that isn't the same when I first started this challenge when I weigh myself for the last time, cause that would just be sad. =P

Highlight of this week's training and final weigh in:

  • Approx. 2 hrs of weight training.
  • Approx. 9 kms of running.
  • 3 hrs of badminton.

Final weigh in for this week:

  • 162.5 lbs (weight unchanged from previous week).
  • 18% body fat (fat % unchanged from previous week).

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