9 Week Challenge - Week 6

WEEK 6 COMPLETED - 6th week of my 9 week challenge has been successfully completed and with it finally brought in the results I've been anxiously waiting for!

Perhaps it was the threat of me throwing the scale into the garbage thinking it to be defective that motivated the scale to finally display the figures I've been waiting for.  Finally for the first time of my 9 week challenge I've been able to successfully move the result of my fat % a step closer towards my goal.  It was definitely a sweet feeling to see all the work I've put in during the challenge slowly making grounds.

Although this past week was a victory for me, I'm surely not yet out of the woods as more work has to be done with only 3 weeks remaining.  But it would seem that my body is finally reacting to all the hard work I've put in within the last 6 weeks.  I only hope that from this point on my body will continue to progress in a positive direction.  Much like moving a huge rock, the most effort comes in the beginning when you try to make it move, but once it begins to move, it takes less effort to keep it rolling.  I hope my body is progressing in the same way from this point forward.

Highlight of this week's training and final weigh in:

  • Approx. 2 hrs of weight training.
  • Approx. 3 kms of running.
  • Approx. 15 hrs of badminton.

Final weigh in for this week:

  • 161.5 lbs (minus 1 lb from previous week).
  • 17% body fat (minus 1% from previous week).

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