9 Week Challenge - Week 1

WEEK 1 COMPLETED - Yesterday marked the first week of my successful completion of my 9 week challenge.  Typically for these type of challenges, the first week is always the most difficult to overcome as your body would require to adjust to the training, and this one was no different.

One of my biggest challenge was to find motivation to exercise late into the night (as I predicted).  My average start time in training was approx. 10pm on weekdays.  It was a battle everyday to motivate myself to go to the basement and train after putting Josh down to sleep.  I even recall a time when I started my training at 12:30am after accidentally falling asleep from 9pm - 12am.  Luckily it was on a weekend and Elen even went down with me as well to train to show her support. =)

In the beginning of my training I very nearly got sick as I began showing symptoms of sore throat after running outside in a 8C weather (not sure how people run in the winter time).  I even bundled up and wore extra shirt and sweater, but wet and cold weather has always been my kryptonite and that is pretty much what spring & fall weather is like.  I've also noticed an increase in fellow GO Train riders coughing and sneezing as well around me, so I'll need to take extra caution and eat my fruits and vegetables and perhaps vitamin supplements as well.  I can't afford to get sick as it will set me back a couple of days in my training.

Overall, I'm very pleased and happy with my training this week as I managed to train everyday of the week (which is a big check mark in my book).  I definitely have noticed improved strength and speed on the badminton court.  Below are the highlights of my training for this week and final result of my weigh in:

  • Approx. 3km of running.
  • Approx. 5-6 hrs of both aerobic and weight training.
  • 30 mins. of ab ripper x (p90x program).
  • 8 hours of badminton.

Final weigh in for this week:

  • 162.5 lbs (minus 2.5 lbs from previous week).
  • 18% body fat (body fat unchanged from previous week).

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