9 Week Challenge

After much contemplation, it finally begins.  I've finally decided to place a 9 week challenge on myself of intense workouts and training that my body can endure.  My goal for this training is not to lose weight but to increase lean muscle mass and reach a final body fat percentage of 13% as well as to improve my overall health/fitness and performance on the badminton court.

My current starting weight as of this morning is 165lbs and 18% body fat.  I hope I can maintain my weight and lose the 5% of body fat.  The last time I was close to my goal was about 2 years ago when I reached 15% body fat and approx. 10 years ago with my lowest ever recorded fat percentage of about 9.5% - 10% body fat when I was still playing and training with Ryerson's varsity team.

Looking at the road ahead, I know my journey will be a tough one.  My biggest hurdles will undoubtedly be time and nutrition.  Everyday when I get home I'm always pressed for time, I will need to juggle time with family and time for training.  Essentially, I won't be able to begin training until Josh is asleep and he usually doesn't sleep until around 9 or 10pm.  That in itself is already a huge mental block during that time as it would be much easier to roll up to bed and go to sleep myself.

Furthermore, with any serious athletes, I will need to manage my diet properly.  There are many food temptations that I need to avoid at home especially when all I see is Elen stuffing her face with varieties of snacks on the couch everytime I look...hehe.  However, not only do I need to decrease fatty foods I will also need to increase protein based foods as well in order to build lean muscles and maintain my weight which can be just as difficult.

The formula to determine recommended protein intake is:

(Weight in kg) x (0.8 to 1.8 g/kg) = protein in g (according to exercise.about.com)

Depending on the intensity of the workout, you will need to adjust your protein consumption accordingly.  Typically more intense workout should use 1.8g/kg figure to calculate their protein intake while less intense workouts can use 0.8g/kg figure.  I've decided to be in the middle and use 1.3g/kg which calculates approx. to 98 grams of protein intake daily.

All that is left to do now is to let the challenge begin, I will post a blog of my progress each week recording my results.

Wish me luck!

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