2015 PBL MVP

This past weekend we had an evening of celebrations at the annual PBL banquet held in the Country Club.  It was definitely an unforgettabe evening and season this year.  Having just won the 2015 PBL title championship a week ago I was then named 2015 male MVP of the year for the second division this past weekend.  Definitely the cherry on top.

2015 Top 10 PBL Player Rankings

MVP nominations were based on player rankings, the top 4 male players and top 4 female players were automatically nominated for MVP for their respective genders.  The winner was then decided by player votings, whomever tallied the most vote is declared the MVP.

Although I have been working hard at improving my rankings throughout the season and working towards a top 5 finish by the end of the year, I never imagined that I would win the prestigious title of being named the first PBL male MVP within the league, it truly is an honour.

Not to sound like a broken record in my acceptance speech but I truly have to thank a lot of people that made this even possible in the first place.  First, my teammates, having such a supportive and spectacular teammates made this award attainable for me.  Without their support and constructive feedback during practice and matches this award would not be possible.  And lastly but surely not the least, my wife and my son, who comes to every practice and every game to cheer me on, you guys provide me with the inspiration continually push myself and play my heart out every time I step on the court. There were so many nights where I would rather sleep, but the thought of you guys deserving the best dad and husband I could be is what pushed me to train instead.  Love you guys, XOXO.

On another positive note, I also wanted to congratulate my fellow teammate Crystal Liao who won the female MVP.  It is a much deserved award.  For much of the season Crystal remained with a perfect record only until she returned from her vacation did she lose a match...I blame the vacation.  Nevertheless,  Loose Feathers came home that night sweeping all the titles, team championship title and both male and female MVP titles.  Congrats Loose Feathers, can't wait for the next season where we begin to defend our title.  Go Loose Feathers Go!


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