2015 PBL Champions

We did it!  After having a successful season we managed to follow it up in the playoffs by taking the first ever championship title of Premier Badminton League.

Earlier in January, Charles Pyne and Angie Lau decided to create a pilot project of their dream, to create a badminton league that would be played across nation wide.  The pilot in its first year was tested across the GTA and it quickly became a hit amongst badminton enthusiast.  With 9 teams registered and over 80 players participating across 2 divisions, it was definitely an exhibit of badminton at its finest.

The league format is a mixed team format that is similar to the Sudirman Cup that is played every 2 years internationally.  Each match we faced against another team consisted of 8 events (2 men singles, 1 women singles, 2 men doubles, 1 women doubles, 2 mixed doubles) with the first team winning 5 out of the 8 events being declared the winner, in the event of a 4-4 tie the winning team is decided based on who scored the most points.

Our team, "Loose Feathers" had several close encounters where we narrowly won by the slightest of margins throughout the season, but despite it all, we managed to finish the season with a perfect record of 8-0.  We were the first seeds coming into the playoffs and we continued our success in the playoffs by edging out "Team Ash" in the semi-finals by a score of 3-2 and the "Decepticons" in the finals by a score of 3-2 to capture the first ever Premier Badminton League title in the 2nd division.

The league was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next season to begin.

Members of winning team "Loose Feathers" include (L-R): Dongxia Liu, Ryan Molin, Angie Lau, Wing Chan, Crystal Liao, Bernard Pathmanathan, John Lawson, Rudy Hartono, Kwok Chan.

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